Hydrating in Colder Weather (And Why It’s Important)

We all love December for the holiday season, but with this season comes much colder temperatures across the globe (and frigid temperatures in some places). So frigid, that people are hitting an indoor track (because their normal running route is buried under 4 feet of snow) and joining in on an extra hot yoga session just to get a little extra heat in their day. Changing up your workout routine might seem like common sense in the ice and snow but what about how much fluids you’re getting in during the winter months? You may not feel like you need as much water when it’s colder, but the reality is you need just as much. Here’s why…. You’re still breathing hard with exercise and sweating just as much. Even though your sweat is evaporating fast in the cold air when you leave the gym or finishing an outdoor activity like skiing or playing hockey, it’s important not to forget the way you hydrate in the summer should not change in the winter months. Did you know that in cold conditions water actually keeps your body lubricated? It increases blood flow and keeps your fingers and toes warm (helping to decrease the chance of getting hypothermia too). Dry weather sucks up moisture quickly, which is why everything on you feels dry in the winter. Staying hydrated will help with that too! Not drinking enough water can also make it harder to keep extra pounds off during the shorter days when we tend to exercise less and eat more (especially around those holiday dinners). When hydrated, your body stays full longer (helping you say no to that extra Christmas dinner helping) and has an easier time breaking down fat for energy. So how much water do you need? The short answer is — however much you need to stay hydrated. Signs of dehydration are pretty easy to identify so catching them quickly will ensure you are keeping hydrated! Symptoms include; being light-headed, unfocused, having headaches, dark eye circles or being tired, having dry skin or dry mouth. Sometimes it’s even as simple as just feeling thirsty. So if you feel any of these symptoms, guzzle up! Here are three ways to keep you hydrated during the day: 1. Start each day with a glass of water - not only does the fluid help your cells cushion your organs acting as a shock absorber to help minimize day-to-day stress damage, but throwing some lemonade flavor Ultima in there with a squeeze of a lemon will also have additional benefits. This includes; boosting your immune system, improving digestion, providing your energy levels, feeling less stressed and more focused. 2. Become best friends with your reusable water bottle - it really doesn’t matter where you’re going, but always go with a reusable water bottle by your side. Throw a scoop of Ultima cherry or grape in there for an added fruit burst of flavor. tea3. Allow tea to become part of your afternoon routine - Who doesn’t love a warm beverage on a cold blustery day? So why not ditch the coffee (especially if it's caffeinated, after noon) and make it tea instead. Not only are there so many yummy flavors out there to choose from, but you can also count it as a glass for your total water consumption for the day. Did you know you that you can even drink Ultima warm? We’ll put up a recipe and review about it in an upcoming blog post. Stay tuned…. How do you stay hydrated in the winter months? Let us know and we’ll pick three of those comments* to receive a 30-day canister of Ultima Replenisher - flavor of your choice! *Offer expires by February 28, 2015