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Christine Anastario Ultima Replenisher Brand Ambassador

Keeping Up with our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are always doing something great 💪. Whether it’s training for themselves, or preparing for a competition, their dedication is amazing. This week, we caught up with a few of our Ambassadors to see exactly what they were up to.

Marc Muia

marc muia ultima replenisher ambassador“I am currently in a training cycle for a race this fall, most likely the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. I'm not sure if I will be doing the half marathon or the full marathon but I will definitely be ready for one or the other! I am averaging 50 mile training weeks and we have had some really hot/humid weather here in southwest Ohio so that should pay off on race day in the fall!!”

Julie Soviero

Julianne Soviero Ultima Replenisher Ambassador“My big news is that a study I helped author was published in the Journal of Sports Medicine!"


Christine Anastario

Christine Anastario Ultima Replenisher CrossFit Ambassador“I competed on a 3 man team last month at theBacon Beatdown, a 2 day Crossfit event, in Daytona Beach. We placed 1st in the Elite Division!”

Paul Blair

Paul Blair Ultima Replenisher Ambassador“One week from Saturday is the Portland Century, which I will be participating in. It is one of the more high-profile endurance rides in this area. A month after that, the Vancouver Century. Next riding season I will be doing Seattle to Portland, a high profile 200 mile event, along with dozens of other smaller rides.”