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Ultima Sponsors the "World's Best Turkey Trot" 🦃

Ultima Sponsors the "World's Best Turkey Trot" 🦃

This year, after we fill up on turkey, keto cornbread and sugar-free apple pies, we will be participating in the 🦃 World's Best Turkey Trot 🦃 virtual 5K or 10K! Running in a yearly local turkey trot has been a beloved tradition, but this year there is the opportunity to take your local race national. This awesome virtual Turkey Trot gives you the opportunity to race with people all across the USA for one big communal run and raise funds to help those in need.

By participating in The World's Best Turkey Trot you'll be raising money for the World Food Program. Running, virtually meeting people from all over the US and raising money to help others? Count us in!

Sign up online, for the 5K or 10K and run your chosen distance any time between November 25-28, 2020. After you sign up you'll receive a race kit along with a sample pack of Ultima Replenisher, plus, you'll be entered to win giveaways and awards.

If you have more questions, check out these World's Best Turkey Trot FAQs. We'll be there to help keep you hydrated before, during and after you run your turkey off! 🦃

Want a tasty, low carb treat for your post-run celebration? Check out some delicious recipes like Ultima Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream bars or Blue Raz Crumble