The Skinny on Sugary Drinks & Obesity

The Skinny on Sugary Drinks & Obesity

Let’s talk about sugar, and how many drinks it’s in, and how much of it is in those drinks, and how it all got there in the first place.

Well, we’ve got to go back to a time – and we really hoped never to go back to this time – called the 1950’s. Soft drink manufacturers began introducing larger sizes to the market, and they haven’t stopped since. Back then, soft drinks weren’t much larger than a juice box. Now we can get 42-oz. bottles at almost any convenience store.

Actually, there’s nothing really wrong with all that liquid – until you start looking at the sugar in it.

One can of soda per day adds, gulp, 55,000 calories per year to your diet. The Harvard School of Public Health reports that children who drink a can of soda per day are 60% more likely to become obese. And it’s not just soda. Orange juice is loaded with sugar. A 20-oz. bottle of popular sports drinks, the standard size, has almost as much as sugar as a 12-oz. soft drink.

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