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Hangry? No, You’re Dehydrated.

Hangry? No, You’re Dehydrated.


You’re tired, you’re not sharp, you’re bothered by that stupid little thing your co-worker does every few minutes. Why? Well, according to that other co-worker and her granola bar, you’re hangry.




According to the internet, the word “Hangry” has been around for 20 years or more but really seems to have taken center-stage in just the last few. It perfectly captures that unfortunate state-of-mind that we all experience and none of us likes.


Here’s what the internet isn’t saying: “Hangry” may be pointing us toward the wrong solution.


Turns out that dehydration, even mild dehydration, is often the cause of all that hangriness. You don’t need to eat; you need to hydrate – including making sure you’re replenishing all those electrolytes you lose throughout the day, especially if you lead an active lifestyle.


Now we just need a fun new word: Dehyggravated? Thirstifried? Suggestions? Anyone?