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Why You Should Start Your Day Hydrated

Why You Should Start Your Day Hydrated

Starting your day out hydrated is incredibly important for many reasons. Here are 5 great reasons why you should start hydrating as soon as you wake up and ramp up your fluid intake before the day gets going:

1. Hydrating early flushes out toxins that your body was busy clearing while you slept. 

2. You've been asleep for 8 or more hours and that is a very long time for your body to go without fluid. Your cells, your internal organs, your brain is craving water and essential minerals.

3. Getting an early start on hydration means you're kick starting your metabolism which helps you lose weight and fight fatigue from morning brain fog.

4. Hydrating as soon as you wake up helps to clear your colon and get all systems ready to go.

5. When you drink water, your cells regain their plumpness which protects your muscles and organs from impact.

Leave a glass of water and a stickpack of Ultima on your nightstand before you sleep so it's there for you when you wake up. Mix up 16oz of Ultima and drink it all before you even leave your room. You'll be amazed at how much better the rest of the morning goes when you give your body the hydration it craves. 

Want to try some delicious drinks that have electrolytes? What about the Cherry Pom Tiki (which is zero sugar AND low carb) or a healthy, hydrating soda alternative using grape, orange and lemon Ultima Replenisher flavors (um, yum!). 

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