Ultima Replenisher Cucumber Rose Appletini

Ultima Replenisher Cucumber Rose Appletini

We love a refreshing cucumber Appletini cocktail, but who needs all that sugar!? We’ve turned the tables on that and had the very talented mixologist, Josh Suchan @ice_and_alchemy concoct this gorgeous, fragrant Cucumber Rose Appletini with no added sugar and all the benefits of six electrolytes and trace minerals. Bonus, cucumber is full of antioxidants and also aids in hydration. Enjoy!


1 stickpack Ultima Replenisher Appletini electrolytes
1 cucumber sliced into four coins
1 oz lime juice
2 oz Blanco Tequila
Rose Water
1/2 cup ice
Rose petal for garnish


Slice cucumber into four coins and muddle. Mix 1 stickpack of Ultima Replenisher Appletini flavor electrolytes over the muddled cucumber coins. Add lime juice, tequila and splash with a few drops of rose water. Add ice. Shake and strain into Agent Nick & Nora 8 oz glass and garnish with sliced cucumber and a rose petal.

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About the mixologist:

josh suchan

A University of Oregon Architecture graduate, Josh Suchan fell in love with the hospitality world in Portland, Oregon while navigating his professional options during the 2008/2009 recession. After being introduced to his first Negroni, he was hooked and had to learn all he could about spirits, cocktails, their histories and modern trends. He was hired as part of the opening team at Pepe le Moko and had the opportunity to learn from his idol and friend, Jeffrey Morganthaler.

Now, through Ice & Alchemy, Josh continues to consult for various bar programs big and small, local and corporate, to bring to life the vision and goals of each individual concept. While doing so, he's drawn attention from multiple local and national publications including LA's top food critic, the late Jonathan Gold. He and his wife (holistic health coach) Jessica @bodyblissbyjess find creative ways to bring healthy practices into all aspects of their daily lives.