3 Tips for Starting A Keto Diet

3 Tips for Starting A Keto Diet

Kristie, better known on the gram as @nourishmygut, shared her top tips for starting keto and, you guessed it, consuming electrolytes and hydrating are essential to a successful transition to keto both when you are first starting out and as a seasoned-pro.

Here are Kristie's top 3 tips:

1. Consume Electrolytes on the Keto Diet

Electrolytes are a key part of any healthy diet because they help your body replenish what was lost throughout the day from working out, walking around, consuming foods, not drinking enough water, etc. However electrolytes are especially important when starting a keto diet.

2. Hydrate on the Keto Diet

Being keto means you are creating a carbohydrate restriction in your body, which if you are just starting keto also means that this carbohydrate restriction is something your body is not used to. This means that your body will switch from retaining water to getting rid of it. It will also begin to do this at a high rate, meaning it is crucial to rehydrate!

3. You Need More Than Just Sodium

Electrolytes play a critical role because they help with the hydrating process. Electrolytes give your water that extra kicker that will help give your body exactly what it needs, however it is important to not just simply re-fill your body with sodium. Kristie recommends Ultima Replenisher because it has the perfect balance of all six electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, calcium, chloride, phosphorus and sodium) needed without going overboard on the sodium.

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About Author: Kristie Rice, M.S. of Nourish My Gut is a nutrition coach that specializes in gluten-free, ketogenic and low-carb macros. I grew up yo-yo dieting for years and knows what it’s like to have a tough time since she has been through this process herself. She became so passionate about health and wellness that she switched careers in order to help others facing the same challenges she did. @nourishmygut