Ultima & the happy hydration community

The daily hydration difference

Ultima Replenisher paves the way for healthy hydrators everywhere to replenish electrolyte levels with a refreshing, sugar-free electrolyte drink made with plant-based flavors for a real fruity taste. Every day you use electrolytes and need to replenish them through healthy foods and drinks, so your body can stay hydrated and your nerves and muscles can function well.

You deserve healthy hydration with no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors that junk up your ultimate health. Ultima is made with organic stevia, plant-based flavors and colors, and the 6 key electrolytes your body needs. It’s a simple recipe for hydration you’ll enjoy.

Understand Healthy Hydration

Giving & community

Ultima was founded to make a difference. Our community of happy hydrators embraces that mission through giving back to others and supporting each other in our #GoUltima online community. Whether you’re training for a local 5K run/walk, chasing after the kids (or dogs), or celebrating a big win, we encourage you to connect with one another and share how you make the most of every healthy moment.

You’ll find us giving back to communities too, donating 1% of sales to charities you choose during checkout, through our partnership with Shopping Gives.

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