Ultimate Hydration. Amazing Taste.

Replenish and revitalize with a sugar free electrolyte drink designed to give your body what it needs to keep you going without any of the junk or artificial sweeteners.

All About Electrolytes

Our mantra is “to live your ultimate life, every day”. To us, that’s all about being active and having fun with the people you love. Where we come in, is helping you replenish your body while you’re living your best life. Because if your body has what it needs to keep going, anything is possible.

Our Difference

We’ve spent over 25 years taking electrolyte hydration to a delicious new level using natural Stevia leaf infused flavors. That means absolutely no sugar to go along with no calories, carbs or additives. Ultima Replenisher is an advanced, balanced electrolyte drink with the 6 key electrolytes and trace minerals your body needs. It’s simply delicious, healthy and effective hydration.