Autism Awareness Day

Autism Awareness Day

Did you know that it is Autism Awareness Month in April and World Autism Awareness Day on April 2 every year? In honor of this special month, we'd like to shine a spotlight on our partner, Autism Hope Alliance (AHA) and the amazing work they do to provide educational resources to families with children diagnosed with Autism.

You may have noticed that our packaging carries the Autism Hope Alliance approved product logo. As a proud sponsor, we donate a portion of our proceeds each year to help support and sustain this incredible organization.

One in 44 children in the US is diagnosed with Autism. The Autism Hope Alliance is the first non-profit to emerge from the natural products industry to provide hope and help to families today with children on the Autism spectrum.

Since September 2012, Kristin Selby Gonzalez has been leading the Autism Hope Alliance where she serves as President. She is also the mother of a child on the Autism spectrum. Kristin speaks all over the world, having educated tens of thousands of caregivers throughout the years on different strategies to help children on the Autism spectrum.

Visit here to learn more about the Autism Hope Alliance.

Image courtesy of Arwin Neil Baichoo.