Celebrating Ultima's Inspiring Women-Owned Partnerships

Celebrating Ultima's Inspiring Women-Owned Partnerships

In celebration of Women's History Month, we're shining a light on some truly spectacular women-owned organizations that we have the incredible honor of working with in ongoing partnerships.

These inspiring women are helping to shape a new era that celebrates bringing women together to support each other as they experience new challenges and endeavors. They're all about creating fun, supportive, inclusive experiences that help us all find our inner wonder woman, raise funds to support important causes and connect women who in turn can inspire each other.

Virtual Women's Half Marathon, 10k & 5k


Co-founders (and sisters) Dawna & Michele Stone launched this super fun race series in the midst of a pandemic. Both impressive women are pioneers in the industry and started Women's Running magazine in 2004 and then followed that with launching the race series in 2009.

Dawna sold the magazine and race series in 2012, but after a few years they realized it was what made them both so happy so the duo set their sights on creating a new brand of women's races and the VWHM was born.

Their vision is to make the VWHM the largest and most exciting women's race program in the country. Dawna and Michele believe that "our mission is to provide a unique and exciting virtual running experience bonding female runners from all over the country."

To register for the April 10-11 race, go to Virtual Women's Half Marathon and use the discount code URSP21 to get $5 off!


Elisabeth Tavierne

Founder and president, Elisabeth Tavierne, realized that so many college women rely solely on the elliptical at the gym for exercise. She wanted to “liberate girls from the elliptical” and show them that fitness can [and should!] be fun… and that working out is better with friends!

CHAARG is a health + wellness community on 100+ college campuses. Their mission is to ignite a passion for movement in college women by offering different fitness classes every week — like: pilates, kickboxing, cardio dance, and more. Elisabeth feels that "when you workout, you feel good — but, when you surround yourself with people to support you, you’ll feel even better." CHAARG combines great friends and fun workouts to help every member feel their best.

CHAARG offers fitness programs through the year, one of them being: CHAARG Run Club. CHAARG Run Club is a 10 week online training plan + running community. There are 200+ women training for a 10K or Half Marathon... many of them being their first race! Scroll through the hashtag #CHAARGRunClub + cheer the women on! Their final race is April 11 + 12, 2021.

Learn more about CHAARG at chaarg.com. Listen to The CHAARG Podcast every Tuesday on iTunes + Spotify. Follow all things CHAARG on instagram @CHAARG!

Beyond Events

christy carreno

After managing events for the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Union-Tribune for more than 20 years, Christy Carreno combined her passion for events and her love of running to create Beyond Events.

With her unparalleled creative vision Christy has produced some of the most amazing event experiences that go above and beyond participant’s expectations, thus the name Beyond Events.

Christy's mission for Beyond Events is to "BE Fit. BE Inspired. BE Connected." And she takes fun seriously with events like Peace Love Fit, Badass Woman Challenge, Aloha Run, San Diego Beach & Bay, Awesome 80s Run - participants get decked out in wild and crazy costumes for an all-out fun fest.

When Christy isn’t creating transcendent event experiences, you can usually find her out on a run, doing yoga or in the kitchen cooking up delicious recipes for her healthy-living blog "Project Sugar Free".

T9 Mermaid Series

title nine mermaid series

Title Nine is a small, Northern California company, woman-run and owned since 1989. They create and curate the world’s best athletic clothing and women’s workout clothes, made for women who run the show, run their mouth and occasionally run wild.

For the last 30 years they have been dedicated to providing athletic wear women need whether they’re training for a race or just squeezing in time for a workout. They believe that the outdoors and a good workout can be the antidote to many of life's problems. Above all, they believe in women. "We are fit to run, we are fit to lead, we are fit to win."

The T9 Mermaid Series was born from that passion for movement and the outdoors but above all, for supporting women. The Mermaid Series mission "is about building a welcoming community that inspires women from all backgrounds to experience the joy of crossing the finish line."

The events serve as a platform for women to pursue new goals in fitness and in life. They aim to provide a positive and encouraging environment that inspires all of the Mermaid Athletes to cross the finish line.

The Mermaid Series supports the Mini Mermaid Running Club and the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners non-profit organizations. Find a virtual race to join at Mermaid Series.

Race to Erase MS

nancy davis race to erase ms

The Race to Erase MS was founded by Nancy Davis in 1993 after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After her diagnosis, she was determined to devote her time and resources to finding a cure.

Nancy’s hope, courage and strength continue to inspire her to maintain a vibrant quality of life despite this chronic disease, but most of all, she remains positive, continues to live her life to the fullest and is tireless in her efforts to finding the cure for MS.

The Virtual RaceToEraseMS is a special, one-of-a-kind event, and serves as a complement to the annual Race to Erase MS Gala. It allows people from all over the world to join and support the Race to Erase gala and Center Without Walls program to find a cure for MS.

You can register individually or get a team together, create your own fundraising page, and raise pledge money the same way you would for 5/10K run event. Your personal fundraising page can be personalized to reflect your goals on how much you would like to raise for MS research.

Ladies All Ride

ladies all rideFounder and Director of Inspiration, Lindsey Richter (right) and Chief of Everything Officer, Meredith Brandt (left) head up the Ladies AllRide mountain bike skills camps that are all about bringing people who identify as female together to learn skills on their bikes and share the joys of mountain biking in a fun and welcoming environment.

From fresh-out-of-the-box newbie to seasoned rider, group ride lover or solo shredder, all are welcome. Lindsey says, "we welcome all body types, all fitness levels, all skin colors, all walks of life! We take a lot of care to place each rider in small groups based on answers to an extensive questionnaire to create a welcoming and FUN camp experience for all!"

"We strive to help women see the symmetry between bikes and life because we believe in the power of mountain biking as a catalyst for growth, change and connection with others and oneself." Lindsey and Meredith see firsthand how mountain biking can help people face fears, believe in themselves and learn what they’re capable of. They want to share that passion with as many women as possible to help grow the community of female mountain bikers across the globe.


At Ultima, we are grateful to be able to play our small part in supporting the work these incredible women have accomplished.