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Fall Skin Hydration For An Autumn Glow

Ahh, it’s that time of year again…when there’s a crispness in the air as the leaves change colors🍂 🍁 and a new level of excitement as we swap our sandals and tank tops for scarves and boots. There’s a reason why fall is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. I mean, think of the natural backdrop it gives for any occasion–not to mention all the cute photos you can share on social media. But the beauty of fall is deeper than that; it also represents preservation and transformation, both environmentally and personally. And as the seasons change, so should some of your routines–especially when it comes to your fall skincare routine and staying hydrated in these dryer months. After all, feeling and looking good starts from within.

So if you are looking for ways to keep your skin looking 💯 throughout fall, we have got you covered. That is why we are talking about fall skin hydration and the role that it plays in maintaining that glowing autumn complexion.

How Hydration Works For The Skin

Before we get into the best tips for a fall skincare routine, let’s discuss the role that hydration plays in the overall look and feel of your skin. You have most likely heard that water intake can have an impact on your skin (celebrities like J.Lo and Jennifer Aniston have credited their clear skin to the fact that they only drink water) but is it really the cure-all for better-looking skin? The answer isn’t as simple as a yes or no.

There is no doubt that water intake does play a significant role in your overall health–after all, you literally need water to stay alive–but we want to take a closer look at the effects that water intake and electrolytes play on skin health.

First things first, hydrated and moist skin is healthy skin (for the most part). As the largest organ of the body, the skin has its own hydration system that gets its nutrients, water, and minerals (electrolytes) from the blood vessels in your body. The outer layer of your skin, also known as your skin’s microbiome, retains water and electrolytes that protect your skin cells from oxidative damage and environmental pollutants.

So by keeping your skin and cells hydrated, you are protecting your skin’s natural barrier. This is where a good skincare routine and healthy hydration come in (because protecting that barrier can help to maintain healthier-looking skin).

Oh, and did we mention that proper hydration and water intake may also have an impact on skin elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles? Yep! There have been studies that suggest proper hydration can increase skin elasticity while reducing the appearance of dry aging skin.

The primary reason for this is that when the skin’s barrier function is compromised–due to stress, dry skin, cold weather, or dehydration– the skin loses water and becomes inflamed, leading to the breakdown of collagen, a protein that makes up a significant amount of the skin.

Electrolytes and Skin Health

If you are familiar with Ultima, then you know that we are experts at healthy hydration, and if it’s one thing that we know a thing or two about… it’s electrolytes. As we mentioned, drinking water is important to overall skin hydration, but it’s simply not enough when it comes to fall skin hydration. Electrolytes are essential to overall hydration and by incorporating them into your daily routine, you can ensure that your skin cells will get the hydration they need in the colder, dryer months of fall and winter…after all, your body’s blood vessels supply your skin with electrolytes from the food and drinks you consume, so adding an electrolyte powder mix to your daily routine just might do the trick.

If you still need convincing, take a look at how various nutrients (electrolytes) may impact your skin:

  • Potassium and sodium: Lower levels of these electrolytes can make our skin vulnerable to dryness and dehydration.
  • Calcium and potassium: Can promote cell regeneration for a stronger epidermal barrier.

5 Tips For Fall Skin Hydration

Okay, so now that you have a better understanding of the role that hydration plays in skin health, let’s share some tips on keeping your skin looking its best this fall!

    1. Consider a humidifier- Adding a humidifier to your home can help to offset the effects of your heater. The moisture in the air could help to keep skin hydrated.
    2. Moisturize- This goes without saying but finding a nourishing and hydrating moisturizer this time of year can make all the difference. You might get the best relief from dry skin with an oil-based moisturizer. Try using a rich moisturizing night cream or hydrating face masks a few times a week.
    3. Change up your face wash- Consider swapping your usual cleansers with moisturizing cleansers that hydrate during the colder, dryer months.
    4. Use Sunscreen- Be sure not to “fall” off your SPF routine just because temps are dropping and the days are shorter.
    5. Hydrate from the inside- Stay hydrated! Remember that H2O and essential electrolytes are key to skin hydration during the cooler months. A great way to spruce up your water and give your body the minerals it needs to hold onto the water you drink is by mixing in Ultima Replenisher electrolyte powder.


We love fall but we also know the toll that these cooler months can take on your skin. So if you want to keep your skin hydrated and looking its best, be sure to bookmark this page to keep these tips handy all year long!