Healthy Habits For The New Year

Healthy Habits For The New Year

Healthy Fitness Habits

I have been on my health and wellness journey for quite some time now. When I was pregnant with my son, I gained over 50 lbs. So, once I was cleared by my doctor, it became my goal to live healthier not only for myself but to be a better mom to my son. I wanted to be able to teach him the importance of healthy living. I lost 65 lbs. by following a ketogenic diet paired with adding a lot of physical activities as well. As I began to lose the weight I realized the importance of physical activities to be able to keep the weight off and it became a passion for me. I work out daily whether it be at the gym, hiking, or just out getting my steps in.

The Importance of Exercise 

Many times, when we are on a weight loss journey, we mainly focus on our diet, but exercise is just as vital. But it's all about adding healthy habits. I love setting goals for myself such as reaching 10,000 steps a day or making sure to incorporate three resistance workouts a week. When you set these goals you then learn how to make them a habit and part of your routine. I have found this to be what has made me successful in my journey of not only losing weight but being able to keep it off all these years.

Having healthy habits is what makes you successful. Set goals and motivate yourself to continue. As I mentioned before some of my goals are simple like just getting my steps in. My family enjoys joining me in going on walks which motivates me to get them done. Moving your body is all it takes, but finding exercise you enjoy makes it easier to add to your daily routine.

Supplements + Electrolytes

Another healthy habit I learned to add along the way are supplements. When I began my journey, I felt like I was struggling when it came to my recovery, especially on days I would push myself a little extra and would crash after I was done. After a lot of research, I fell upon adding electrolytes to my daily water intake. As someone who is very conscious about their sugar intake, I began to look for something that I could add and came across Ultima Replenisher, and it has been a part of my routine since.

Electrolytes are vital for healthy functioning. I found when I was working out heavily and sweating although I was drinking a lot of water, I was not getting the correct minerals I needed to recover faster. And at some point, I felt defeated by not being able to push myself as much as I would have liked. You lose a lot of electrolytes when you sweat, so adding a supplement to help you recover is key.


Make sure to focus on the long-term goal for yourself vs just the short-term. Make all your health and wellness changes a daily habit and you too will be successful in the long term.

About the Author: Michelle Wigle is a hairstylist by trade but started a blog for her weight loss success in 2019 which then became a passion for her. Family is everything to Michelle. She is a mom and comes from a big Hispanic family. Fitness is also a huge passion for her, and she loves sharing workouts for others to be successful on their journey. Find her on Instagram at @michworksout.