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Intermittent Fasting on a Vegan Diet

The belief that intermittent fasting affects weight loss is due to the fact that when you fast, you generally eat fewer calories. Technically, that is true. But have you ever wondered how intermittent fasting and electrolytes work together?

We all know that weight loss happens when your body experiences caloric deficit, that is, you burn more than you take. That’s the simplest explanation of how this diet works, as it is with any other diets out there.

However, there’s more to intermittent fasting than just caloric deficit. It also affects your hormones that ultimately facilitates significant body changes.

For one, fasting decreases insulin levels. When our body is low in insulin, it promotes the use of fat stores as an energy source. This then can lead to weight loss and lower body fat levels. Further fat break down happens during a fast secondary to sympathetic nerve activation and the release of the hormone norepinephrine to the fat cells. In simple terms, it means that when you fast, your brain tells your fat cells to do the work for your body (through that sympathetic nerve and hormone activation).

Several studies also show that, contrary to popular belief, short-term fasting actually increases the body’s metabolic process.

Dietitians recommend the 4 methods of intermittent fasting (described above) because these are considered short-term fasts. The optimum weight loss effects of fasting can be observed with these methods. It is not recommended to fast for more than 48 hours, as this may reverse the benefits by slowing down the body’s metabolism.

Does Ultima break a fast? The short answer is NO. In fact, it’s very important to stay hydrated while fasting. I use Ultima Replenisher because it's Vegan, all-natural, NonGMO Project Verified and it helps maintain the body's electrolyte balance which helps to prevent dizziness and fatigue.

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