6 Tips for Staying Hydrated While Flying

6 Tips for Staying Hydrated While Flying

Off the clock for a (well-deserved) long weekend to celebrate her best friend's upcoming wedding, nutritionist, Paige Welsh shares a few of her favorite flying tips.

When traveling, Paige (@practical paige) makes sure she always has her Ultima Replenisher stickpacks with her. Perfect for on-the-go, especially when traveling long distances on airplanes.

Paige has a passion for helping people recapture their health. She has her Bachelor's degree in Community Health Education and Nutrition, and a Master's degree in Human/Clinical Nutrition and is trained in functional medicine and naturopathic protocols, as well as clinical and holistic nutrition.

Her own health experiences drive her to actively pursue health as a way of life, both personally and professionally. Her areas of expertise reside in autoimmunity, thyroid health, hormonal health, digestion, detoxification and fatigue.

6 tips for staying hydrated while flying:

1. To prevent bloat and unwanted gas, don’t eat. Blood flow is restricted and digestion slows down while in the air.

2. Compression socks or leggings will be your new best friend.

3. Drink at least a cup of water for each hour you’re in the air.

4. Add electrolytes to your water to prevent dehydration. Ultima Replenisher is my favorite.

5. Take activated charcoal and/or molecular hydrogen after landing to help with free radical production.

6. Sit next to your BFFs.


Ultima Replenisher Stickpacks on a plane for travel hydration


About the Author:

Paige Welsh loves to help her clients get to the root cause of their health concerns, and bring balance back to the body through lifestyle changes, dietary changes and natural supplementation.