Ultima Replenisher Provides to Those In Need

Ultima Replenisher Provides to Those In Need


Ultima Replenisher teams up with Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) & FITSNACK in bringing necessities, such as hydration into the homes and hospitals in need. As the COVID19 pandemic continues to grow, we need to find ways to stay healthy and keep the coronavirus at bay. Hydration is key in helping to support your immune system against illnesses, but doing so correctly with electrolytes is essential.

BStrong care package featuring Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Hydration powder

GEM is a non-profit created to help families in need when disaster strikes. CEO, Michael Capponi, has partnered with Bethany Frankel, Founder of SkinnyGirl Cocktails, to create the BStrong foundation. They are providing “Coronavirus Survival Kits” including masks, gloves, cleaning supplies, hydration support and more to those that are in desperate need. Ultima Replenisher is one of the top key providers to keep thousands of people hydrated and healthy. “We are so thankful to have companies, such as Ultima Replenisher help us fight the virus and bring necessities that will boost our overall health to thousands in need,” said Sue Cushman, US National Aid Director of Global Empowerment Mission. “We know how important staying hydrated is during this time, if not always, and Ultima Replenisher’s natural-based ingredients helps keep us all hydrated.”

With times of uncertainty and anxiety, Ultima Replenisher is not only supporting GEM, but has also joined forces with FitSnack as the hydration partner for the “Healthcare Worker Support Box.” The program supports Healthcare communities in the most heavily affected areas across the country. In a partnership with FitSnack, Ultima will be sending Ultima Sample Packs along with other healthy snack brands to help hydrate and fuel, healthcare professionals. Boxes will be sent to hospitals for their break room tables to keep staff nourished and hydrated during these long and exhausting days.

We are ensuring that with every product purchased online through our website, we will donate a trial pack with 6 servings to someone in need from now through May with our GIVEBACK campaign. We are keeping our promise to keep everyone hydrated and healthy by offering 25% off all our products on our website as long as we can, by using the code GIVEBACK25. Loretta Reilly, Vice President of Marketing for Ultima Replenisher says, “This is a time where we all need to come together and do our part. Bringing hydration to as many people as we can really keeps our team motivated and helps us aid the fight against the pandemic. We truly want people to be safe and healthy!”