Hydration on the go

Sugar-Free Hydration Packets: A Convenient & Delicious Way To Stay Hydrated

Did you know dehydration affects 75% of Americans every day? Between running the kids to soccer practice, hitting the gym, or spending extra time outdoors, you may get dehydrated faster than you realize.

With everything on our to-do list, drinking enough water to stay hydrated and balance our electrolytes can often get lost among more obvious priorities. To help you stay on track, convenience is really key. Slim, lightweight hydration packets can save the day, and give you an easy and delicious way to stay hydrated and energized—without sugar, caffeine or carbs.

Why is it important to stay hydrated?

Staying hydrated throughout the day is the key to feeling healthy and alert. Our bodies need to be hydrated to perform natural bodily functions like removing waste, pushing oxygen around, and lubricating our joints.

As you go through your day, your body loses water and electrolytes, even more so in situations where you sweat more. Whether that’s from working out, spending excessive time in the heat, or coming down with an illness, your body needs electrolytes to avoid dehydration.

Hydration packets are a hassle-free way to ensure you have access to a delicious, sugar-free electrolyte drink whenever you need it. Add it to water and within seconds you can enjoy better hydration, higher energy, and a yummy, refreshing drink.

9 Places to Bring Hydration Packets

Our individual stickpacks are lightweight, convenient to use, and easy to stow in a purse, diaper bag, waist pack or backpack. Bring them wherever you go to add to water for an electrolyte boost. You can even share them with your kids.

Here are just some ideas for you, where having hydration packets comes in handy.


While you can’t bring water (or any drinks) through airport security, you can bring stickpacks and add one to a reusable water bottle you fill after you’ve been screened or a 16 oz bottle of water you buy in the airport mall. Bring enough to share with the whole family so you can stay hydrated while you’re waiting at the gate.

Music festival

Singing and dancing all day at an outdoor music festival is the fastest way to create lifelong memories. It’s also an easy way to get dehydrated if you’re not careful–especially if you’re drinking alcohol or energy drinks. Take hydration powders along and you have an easy, flavorful way of replenishing electrolytes—just add them to water and stir or shake.

Kids sports game or practice

Getting your kids to drink enough water is a battle on a good day. So, if they’re racing down the sideline and kicking the ball around, they’re likely sweating out vital electrolytes. Ultima Replenisher’s sugar-free electrolyte packets are both quenching and delicious, and they give an electrolyte boost without the sugar other drinks have. Plus, they’re delicious—flavored with real fruit extracts—so your kids will love the taste. Throw a few into your sports bag, like Watermelon or Blue Raspberry flavor, and bring more to pass out to other parents too. You’ll be everyone’s hydration hero!


Whether you’re an avid hiker or just out to fill your social media feeds with nature pics, staying hydrated on a long hike is important. Spending all day outside in the hot sun while exerting energy for hours at a time means your body needs a refill of water and electrolytes. Get hydrated and replenish some of the 6 vital electrolytes. The packets are durable, take up minimal space, and barely add any weight to your pack.

Amusement park

A full day at the amusement park with friends or family is a go-to in any summer season. However, sugary snacks, sodas, and time spent waiting under the sun can lead to dehydration. And if you’re hitting the water rides, you may not even notice. That’s where individual electrolyte packets help—they don’t need to be refrigerated, and you can easily add them to bottled water and shake. Pack a few hydration packets in your backpack, fanny pack, pocket, or purse and help prevent dehydration on a spectacularly fun day.

Road trip

Planning a road trip also means packing wisely so you don’t overload your car. Hydration packets are compact and easy to keep within reach when you need that extra boost during a long driving spell. Plus, you can fill gallons or refillable water bottles with hydration powders, and that’s good for the planet too. Just don’t leave the packets or filled bottles in your car during hot days. Extreme heat is not good for water in plastic bottles or jugs, and vehicles can get much hotter than the temperature outside.

Exercise class

If you’re trying to fit an exercise class into a tight schedule, then you’ll need a hydration packet on hand. The American College of Medicine recommends upping your electrolyte intake after an hour of working out. Hydration packets have an instant quality about them that makes them easy to use and convenient to bring along anywhere. After you finish a rigorous spin class, pour your hydration packet into your water bottle to replenish some lost electrolytes and get a boost to continue along in your day.

Office desk

We’re all guilty of sitting at our desks all day and chugging too many cups of coffee. Instead of going for another cup, swap out the caffeine for a hydration packet. Electrolyte packets can help you stay energized naturally (instead of relying on caffeine) and keep your electrolyte levels up. Ultima has several delicious flavors to satisfy your cravings. Why not mix it up with the Tropical Variety Stickpacks to try different fruity flavors, depending on your mood? Grab a handful of different flavored stickpacks and leave them in your desk drawer for when a headache or that post-lunch slump creeps up on you. Choose a flavor you’re craving or, have a little fun and pick whichever one your hand touches first for a tasty surprise!

Errand run

As you knock errands off your to-do list, you may forget to drink enough water. Sometimes, we don’t have time to get enough water throughout the day let alone remember to eat lunch! Hydration packets are a fantastic grab-and-go solution. So, stuff the packets into a diaper bag or your purse to ensure you get enough hydration as you’re out and about throughout the day.

Ultima Hydration Packets

Ultima Replenisher has many different flavors of sugar-free hydration packets that are easy to use and delicious. For a night out with other families for movie night at the park, bring water and stickpacks from our Mocktini Variety Pack. If you prefer more classic flavors, try the Variety Stickpack Box for a juicy refreshment. Ultima’s hydration packets contain six electrolytes and trace minerals to help keep you hydrated and feeling your best.