The Best Tips For a Successful Run

The Best Tips For a Successful Run

When it comes to running, most adults can be placed into two categories: they either love to run or hate it. It sounds extreme, but it’s kinda rare for someone to be completely indifferent about it; in fact, as you read this, you are probably well aware of what category you fall under. Now, does this mean that you can’t change sides at any point in your life? Absolutely not! If you aren’t a huge fan of running but want to start incorporating it into your daily routine, you one hundred percent can. It may not be easy, but we’ve got some of the best tips and resources to help you make the switch here at Ultima Replenisher.

But we aren’t doing it alone…

We may be experts on hydration, but when it comes to sharing the other important running tips, we figured we’d leave that to the pros!

Tips For Runners By Runners

Before we hear from these amazing individuals on their best tips for running, let’s address some things. There is a common misconception that some people are just born “natural runners,” but that is not the case at all. Sure, running may come easier for some people, but it is not something that you are just born with.

So you know all of the early birds that we see jogging at 6am, no matter the weather? It turns out that they don’t have a unique runner’s gene; they just love to run. Check out some of their helpful tips below:

Becca Pizzi

Becca Pizzi - Becca is a marathon runner and the first woman from the USA to run seven marathons, on seven different continents, in seven consecutive days. She has been on a 50 States Marathon journey, which means she is trying to run a marathon in every state. @beccapizzi

    “On my 50 states marathon journey, I learned a lot. Here is my advice: listen to your body. Have two goals in mind and be ready to adjust your goal especially if the weather conditions on race day are different. Do your "homework" going into every race, drive the course, know where the water stops are etc. Stay hydrated, and never ever leave home without your Ultima!”

    Wendy Sy

    Wendy Sy - Wendy is a NYC-based content create and founder of the lifestyle site, Style Meets Story. She loves running through the city that never sleeps. @sy.wendy
      Maintain Your Form
      To run longer distances and faster, run with your arms in a relaxed 90-degree angle, moving in a parallel motion (as opposed to criss-crossing them). This will help save you energy!
      Stay Hydrated
      Always make sure to drink water before a run. Afterwards, try a drink like Ultima Replenisher Lemonade which is great for rehydrating and replenishing electrolytes lost from sweat. The flavor tastes so refreshing and it's sugar-free.
      Run With Your Best Gear
      Even during workouts, wear outfits and accessories like sunglasses and sneakers that you feel your best in. Choose comfy pieces that reflect your personal style — it'll go a long way in boosting your performance and mood!Christine Bibbo Herr
        Christine Bibbo Herr - Chirstine is the co-founder of CheerFit Training and a former fashion magazine editor. @nycpretty

          “Running alongside the ocean barefoot is the perfect way to challenge myself with different terrains while keeping cool with an ocean breeze”

          Jay Ell Alexander

          JayEll Alexander - CEO and Founder of Black Girls Run that supports over 250,000 women on their journey towards healthy lifestyles and finding joy through running. @jayellalexander

            “Hydration is so important as a runner because it fuels your muscles, performance and overall health. Our members at BGR! know it’s important that we take care of our bodies”

            Ann Mazur

            Ann Mazur - Avid runner and yoga connoisseur, Ann inspires athletes to recover with yoga and even has her own line of athletic apparel @runenrsloveyoga

              “Always pack more than 1 water bottle - I fill mine with Ultima! For my long runs, I plan a route so that I can swing by my ‘water stop’ to get fluids for a fresh one mid-run!”

              Mike Laymon

              Michael Laymon - Michael, better known as “Mikey” is a health care professional and spent many years as an ultra runner. He now focuses on hiking and climbing with 53 of 100 Peaks completed in his lifetime @adventure_gypsy_soul_

                “Enjoy the journey and have fun. When you’re having fun everything else seems to fall in line”


                Running is a wonderful way to work out, get outside, and stay active. With all of these helpful pointers at your fingertips, it is now up to you to decide your next steps. So whether you plan to start jogging daily or begin training for a marathon, remember how critical it is to stay hydrated!

                At Ultima Replenisher, we believe that hydration is key to being a happy runner, which is why our products have all the electrolytes you need to power you through your next run or workout, without all of the sugar.

                Happy running!