Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day

Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day

Join us in celebrating World Autism Awareness Day. There is no better way to celebrate this day than by becoming aware of the characteristics of people with this condition and how all of us can do better to increase our own understanding and promote kindness. It's a day that is recognized internationally and falls on April 2nd every year.

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Ultima Replenisher is proud to support the Autism Hope Alliance. The AHA logo is proudly featured on all of our packaging. We donate a portion of the proceeds of our sales to this incredible organization.

The AHA is a partnership program that was developed to raise funds, bring awareness, create standards and ensure companies do their due diligence by being socially responsible to the autism community.

Since 2008 AHA has conducted hundreds of lectures, interviews and educational events that have benefited tens of thousands of families. Autism Hope Alliance has donated over $500k to help support other non-profits, which has helped over 3,000 families nationwide.

Through collaboration with the top experts in Autism, AHA wrote and produced the “Autism: What the Experts Know” resource booklet. They have also produced “Special Foods for Special Needs”, an instructional DVD to educate parents on shopping in a health food market.

We're happy to be are part of this impactful movement to bring better-for-you products into the marketplace that supports healthy lifestyles and benefits every body.