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4th of July Ultima(te) Berry Colada Recipe

4th of July Ultima(te) Berry Colada Recipe

4th of JulyBoozy Slushies 👉🏻 LUSHIES
created by Lisa and Erika of @boozyketones 

This one has Ultima Replenisher electrolytes added, so between that and the cold slurpeeness factor, you’re set for an entire day party in the hot hot sun.

This ended up tasting like a pina colada, which is weird because we used the lemonade flavor. (Sorry pineapple, we didn’t even need you!) 

Ultima(te) Berry Colada
(2 carbs without berries)
1.5 oz Rum
2/3 cup canned coconut milk 🥥
1 Tbs sugar-free simple syrup
2 scoops Ultima Lemonade electrolyte powder🍋
Ice (ice baby) ❄️
Smooshed berries

We made ours in cute layers, but you can just blend it altogether if you want. That’s what we would do if no one was watching. Actually, no, we would still do layers and stick a firework in there. 😂

Happy Birthday America! 🇺🇸 Be safe out there!


Lisa and Erika are two sisters who love Keto and cocktails, but hate how sugared up and carb-loaded they can be. Their goal is to create Low carb/keto-friendly cocktails under 5 carbs so that you can sustain your healthy lifestyle and have some fun along the way. They take their booze very seriously and hope you will join them in their experiments! Cheers! Find out more on their website.