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Cherry Pomegranate Spiked Punch

Cherry Pomegranate Spiked Punch

What's better than a cocktail? A PITCHER of cocktails! Share a deliciously hydrating Cherry Pomegranate spiked punch with your friends and family using Ultima Replenisher's Cherry Pomegranate electrolyte powder. (Did you know that it gets its beautiful color from beets?) Stay healthy and hydrated with plant-based flavors all summer long!

Ultima Cherry Pomegranate Spiked Punch


2 scoops Cherry Pomegranate Ultima Replenisher

4 shots vodka


Fresh mint

Orange slices

Serves 4 - 8oz mocktail/cocktails

Directions: In a pitcher add 32oz of water and the Ultima Cherry Pomegranate powder and mix well. Add orange slices, fresh raspberries and mint and stir gently. Add ice to 4 glasses and 1 shot of vodka per glass. Top with the Ultima mixture and garnish with more orange slices, fresh mint and raspberries. Enjoy!