Healthy Frozen Coconut Piña Colada Cocktail

Healthy Frozen Coconut Piña Colada Cocktail

Okay, our mouths are watering over this amazing recipe by mixologist, Jessica Leaf (@drinksbyjess) known for her beautifully crafted cocktails using healthy, better-for-you ingredients. Coconut cream, fresh pineapple, cinnamon… come on, yum! Toss these simple and fresh ingredients into a blender, and voila — instant deliciousness.

This recipe is just loaded with health benefits: Coconut cream for those amazing healthy fats (MCTs medium-chain triglycerides) and great source of potassium, pineapple brimming with digestive enzymes and inflammation fighting antioxidants, and Rooibos tea, a source of some unique polyphenols, including aspalathin.


2 Ultima Replenisher Piña Colada stickpacks
2 oz Coconut cream (unsweetened)
8 chunks of fresh or frozen pineapple
1 oz Rooibos tea
2 pinches Cinnamon
6 teaspoons Lime juice
2 cup of Ice
2 oz of White rum (optional) to turn this from mocktail to cocktail

Servings: 2


Combine all ingredients, mixed with 1 cup of ice in a blender. Put into standard 4-6 oz cocktail glass when blended with ice, not a highball glass. Enjoy!

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