Ultima Lemonade Minty Tequila Smash

Ultima Lemonade Minty Tequila Smash

There is nothing better than cooling off with an ice-cold Lemonade after a hot day. But we've taken it one step further with this deliciously hydrating lemonade mocktail/cocktail with fresh mint.

Grab some Lemonade Ultima Replenisher (packed with electrolytes and no sugar), sparking water and mint sprigs and mix up this thirst quenching, refreshing drink.

 Mint can be easily found in your neighborhood grocery store (and it's super easy to grow in a window box or back yard, too.) It is filled with nutrients that can help soothe indigestion and has calming properties that will help you wind down after a long day.

Ultima Lemonade Minty Tequila Smash Recipe:


2 scoops Ultima Lemonade electrolyte drink mix

4oz water

4 shots tequila (optional)

28 oz Sparkling water

Fresh mint and lemon slices for garnish

Serves 4 - 8 oz mocktail/cocktails

Directions: In a pitcher add 4oz of water and the Ultima Lemonade powder and mix well. Add 28 oz sparkling water and mix again. Add ice, 2 mint leaves and 1 shot of tequila per glass to 4 glasses. Top with the Ultima mixture and garnish with lemon slices, fresh mint. Enjoy!