Low-Sugar Blue Raspberry Memorial Mocktail

Low-Sugar Blue Raspberry Memorial Mocktail

If you want to keep your energy levels up and avoid hangovers as you celebrate the unofficial start of summer, THIS is the move. The combination of ingredients creates the most refreshing, super low sugar mocktail. Between the Ultima Replenisher and coconut water, you are getting an incredible balance of all 6 electrolytes that we lose through sweat, exercise and alcohol. If you plan on drinking this weekend, you can use this recipe to create a low calorie, hydrating cocktail and simply add a shot of vodka, tequila or gin. Otherwise, enjoy it as a mocktail and feel fancy and fab without the need to booze it up!

Blue Raspberry Memorial Mocktail


- 1 scoop Ultima blue raspberry electrolytes

- Mineral or soda water

- Organic coconut water

- 1/2 lime cut into wedges

- Fresh mint

Directions: fill glass about half way with mineral or soda water. Add 1 scoop Ultima blue raspberry electrolytes and use an electric whisk to combine. Squeeze in one large lime wedge and drop the remaining wedge into the glass. Fill glass with ice. Top with coconut water and garnish with a lime wedge and fresh mint bouquet. Sip & enjoy!

About the author:

Recipe created by Jessica Suchan, board-certified holistic health coach and founder of Body Bliss By Jess. She works with women to help shed a light on the role hormones play in everything from mood and cravings to weight, skin, libido, and mental health.