Peach Basil Sugar-free Mocktail Fizz

Peach Basil Sugar-free Mocktail Fizz

Can I get a "PEACH", can I get a "BASIL", can I get a "FIZZ"!? Yeah, we're shouting those words from the mountaintop because this delicious Peach Bellini mocktini drink created by certified holistic health coach and smoothie queen, Laura Livewell (@lauralivewell) is incredible. She uses fresh green basil leaves which are packed with vitamins and minerals (like vitamin K and calcium), fresh lime juice and fresh peaches in this heavenly mocktini fizz.

The fresh basil adds a delicious, healthy kick and flavor. This healthy mocktail is an easy way to add more water to your day plus get minerals and electrolytes to nourish your body on hot days or after sweaty workouts.


Peach Basil Sugar-free Mocktail Fizz ingredients


1 fresh lime, juiced
6-8 basil leaves
4-5 peach slices (fresh or frozen)
1 Ultima Replenisher Peach Bellini stickpack
1-1/2 cups sparkling water


Juice 1 lime into a large glass. Add in basil, 1 Ultima Peach Bellini mocktini stickpack, peeled and sliced peaches. Add ice and sparkling water then stir. Enjoy!

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