Sugar-Free Shamrock Appletini

green drink in a martini glass on white table next to tall canister of Ultima Replenisher Appletini flavor electrolytes

Trying to make more mindful choices around alcohol? One trick is making mocktails (and cocktails) with Ultima Replenisher electrolytes. Not only are there a ton of delish flavors, but also a perfect balance of all six electrolytes. For St. Patrick’s Day, we've created a super simple mocktail that will give you a little boost of energy, electrolytes and antioxidants. (If you want to make it boozy, add a shot of vodka, gin or tequila.) Sipping on this cute little drink will satisfy your sweet cravings, hydrate your body and reduce the chances of a gnarly hangover!


-1 scoop Ultima Replenisher Appletini electrolyte mix

- 3oz cold green tea (we used matcha)

- 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon

- Sage leaves

- Ice


In a shaker (or protein shake bottle) combine the lemon juice and sage and muddle gently. Add 1 scoop Ultima Replenisher Appletini flavor electrolytes plus 3 oz cold green tea. Fill your shaker with ice and shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a few sage leaves and lemon peel.

Woman holding martini glass with green drink in one hand and a tall canister of Ultima Replenisher Appletini flavor electrolytes in the other hand

About the author:

Recipe created by Jessica Suchan, board-certified holistic health coach and founder of Body Bliss By Jess. She works with women to help shed a light on the role hormones play in everything from mood and cravings to weight, skin, libido, and mental health.

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