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Ultima Electrolyte Coconut Creamsicle

Ultima Electrolyte Coconut Creamsicle

Delicious vegan, keto-friendly Ultima creamsicles. Electrolyte replacement, healthy fats, and plant protein make this recipe the perfect post-workout snack!
In addition to providing nutrients, coconut milk contains lauric acid which is a medium-chain fatty acid that is easily absorbed and used by the body for energy.

Chia seeds are nutrient-dense and pack a punch of energy-boosting power. They also provide essential fatty acids alpha-linolenic and linoleic acid; mucin; strontium’ vitamins A, B, E and D; and minerals, including sulfur, iron, iodine, magnesium, manganese, niacin and thiamine; and they are a rich source of antioxidants. Chia seeds are rich in fiber, omega-3 fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Add 1 can Organic Coconut Milk 🥥, 3 scoops Ultima Raspberry, Cherry Pomegranate or Grape flavor 🍇, 2 tablespoons chia seeds, 1 cup of any mixture of fruit in a bowl. Mix together and let sit for 2 hours so chia seeds absorb fluid and fatten up. Pour into ice pop molds and freeze.