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Ultima Orange Glow Cocktail

Ultima Orange Glow Cocktail

Who wants to glow from the inside out? We sure do! And this Ultima Orange Glow Cocktail 🍊is the perfect way to do so, plus the infusion of mezcal or reposado tequila gives that perfect little kick 💃. Using ingredients like fresh lime, a dash of cinnamon and Ultima Orange electrolyte powder, which is stocked with minerals like magnesium and potassium, Vitamin C for antioxidant support, and zinc for recovery and neuron support. This cocktail will keep you glowing from the inside out. Cheers to you!

Makes 1 serving


1 serving Ultima Orange electrolyte drink mix

½ cup water, 2 oz mezcal (or reposado tequila)

¾ oz keto simple syrup

¼ oz cranberry juice


Fresh lime juice

Dash of cinnamon

Orange slice (for garnish)


Mix 1 scoop/packet of Ultima Orange with 1/2 cup of water. Add 2 oz mezcal (or reposado tequila), 3/4 oz keto simple syrup, 1 oz of the Orange Ultima beverage, 1 oz fresh lime juice, 1 dash of cinnamon, 1/4 oz cranberry juice (unsweetened) and shake with ice for 10 seconds. Serve over ice in a margarita glass and garnish with a slice of orange.