Unicorn Mocktail/Cocktail

Unicorn Mocktail/Cocktail

Okay now — we have a UNICORN of a drink for you!

This summer, dive in headfirst to a sugar-free, hydrating and delicious mocktail, or cocktail, loaded with electrolytes. Perfect for poolside refreshment and so easy to make.


1 scoop Watermelon Ultima Replenisher

1 scoop Pink Lemonade Ultima Replenisher

4 shots vodka

Raspberries and lemon slices for garnish

Serves 4 8oz mocktail/cocktails

Blind Unicorn Cocktail Recipe Directions:

In a pitcher add 32oz of water and the Ultima Watermelon and Pink Lemonade flavors and mix well. Add ice to 4 glasses and 1 shot of vodka per glass. Top with the Ultima mixture and garnish with lemons and raspberries. Enjoy!

Need ingredients for your blind unicorn cocktail? Grab a canister of our deliciously sugar-free Watermelon and Lemonade flavors!