Zero-Sugar Spiked Blue Lemonade Recipe

Zero-Sugar Spiked Blue Lemonade Recipe

Zero-Sugar Spiked Blue Lemonade

The holidays are approaching, and you know what that means–more family gatherings, more food, and more drinks. It can be a wonderful time of year, but for those who are trying to watch their sugar intake, it can be a struggle. So if you are a cocktail drinker who isn’t quite ready to make the switch over to hard seltzers or vodka soda (let’s face it, they are okay, but they can be bland), then we have a delicious and hydrating cocktail that is much healthier than traditional libations. Today we are going to make a zero-sugar spiked blue lemonade using Ultima Replenisher electrolytes. For this particular recipe, we have two flavors that we are using: Blue Raspberry and Lemonade to make a drink infusion that will leave you sipping without the sugar!

Keto-Friendly Spiked Blue Lemonade Recipe

From @SugarFreeBrie



  1. Mix 16oz of water with 1 serving of Blue Raspberry Electrolyte Mix, then freeze into ice cubes
  2. Once frozen, place a few of the Blue Raspberry ice cubes into a shaker with 1/2 serving of Lemonade Electrolyte Mix
  3. Add 4oz water and 1oz vodka
  4. Shake and serve in your choice of glass
  5. Enjoy!

There ya have it, a delicious and healthier alternative to sugary cocktails this holiday season. The best thing about this recipe is that it can be enjoyed all year long! This recipe is especially great for individuals on a low-carb diet because it provides hydration through electrolytes. Staying replenished through the use of sugar-free electrolytes can help dieters avoid the keto flu, cramping, and lightheadedness that can sometimes come with switching eating habits.

For more recipes and keto-friendly electrolytes that keep you hydrated, be sure to check out all of the flavors that Ultima Replenisher has to offer!