2012 Bikram Yoga Women's Retreat

I attended the Bikram Yoga Women's Retreat in Austin, TX earlier this month and it was such a great experience! I practiced Bikram Yoga taught by Rajashree Choudhury, Bikram's wife, which was informative, awesome and fun....she's amazing! I also practiced with Emmy Cleaves, a 60 year practitioner and teacher of Bikram Yoga for over 40 years, who also teaches the advanced class. Emmy's classes were enjoyable, entertaining and intense, all at the same time......she's an amazing woman, teacher and an inspiration. It was 100 degrees or more the whole four days I was there and the only way I was able to stay hydrated was with Ultima Replenisher......it definitely works better than any electrolyte replacement available.......not to mention, it is so refreshing and tastes great! All of you yogis, who practice hot yoga, listen up! You must hydrate before, during and after practice, to replace the electrolytes you sweat out, and there is no better way than with Ultima Replenisher.....seriously!