5 Workout Gadgets We Love

At Ultima Replenisher we understand that not everyone plays the same sport or attends the same exercise/yoga class but we also can appreciate certain gadgets out there that work for every single athlete – whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro! Here are five gadgets we couldn’t imagine life without. 1. Vivo by Garmin or FitBit - We put both of these activity tracker watches under this ‘gadget we love’ because they virtually do the same thing. If you’re a true Garmin fan, chances are you’ll stick with the Vivo (there are a few different styles to choose from). If not, try the FitBit. Either way both watches are designed to count your steps, calories and track your sleep patterns. You can connect online with your friends as well and see who’s stepping up the most daily, weekly and in various ‘step challenges’ you can create. It’s a fun and motivating way to get motiving and meet your goals! foam roller2. The Foam Roller - Ask anyone who is a regular roller, it’s a love/hate relationship but at the end of the day it’s one that will last forever. Rolling out after a workout is a great way to massage tight/sore muscles. Doing this will help reestablish proper (and pain free) movement patterns and ultimately, enhance your performance. smart toner bands 3. Smart Toner Strength Band - We love a good strength band especially when travelling, it’s portable and great to have in a hotel room. They are also a cost effective way to get a whole body workout. Strength bands come in a variety of resistance levels to suit all needs and helps to boost your stamina, flexibility and range of motion. Think squats, overhead presses, bicep curls or chest press, you can do all of these movements with a resistance band. Check out these 33 resistance band exercises you can do anywhere. stability ball 4. Exercise Ball - We love a good exercise ball, but not just for the traditional way of using it (in the gym, etc.). We are really into using an exercise ball as your new office chair. These are so many benefits of turning your chair into the ball such as: proper spin alignment, improving your balance and burning up to 350 calories a day just from sitting on the ball. Talk about a workout gadget with multi purposes. fuel belt5. Fuel Belt - We saved the best for last! Anything that can hold Ultima during your long run, cross-country ski or trail hike is a favorite of ours! Fuel belt allows you to keep your hydration top of mind and wear your water around your waist. They also have belts that are specifically waist packs to hold your smartphone, house keys and anything else you need to take with you.