Becca Pizzi Runs World Marathon Challenge

Ultima Ambassador, Becca Pizzi is going to do what no American woman has done before — compete in and finish the World Marathon Challenge. It is a grueling race across seven continents in just seven days. We recently met up with Becca in Cambridge, Massachusetts to find out what keeps her going and how she trains for this mentally and physically tough race. Her enthusiasm and determination was inspiring!

You’re training for the January 2016 World Marathon Challenge. Can you tell us about it?

The World Marathon Challenge is 7 marathons, in 7 days, on 7 continents and starts on January 26, 2016 in Antarctica. A maximum of 12 athletes per year, compete over seven days, running a marathon on every continent. The physical and mental demands of this race will be an awesome test of endurance. My dream is to be the first American woman to complete the World Marathon Challenge and attempt to break the women’s record time of 40:22:25. When I first heard about this race, on the Marathon Maniacs site, I wanted to run it. I have a solid running base, my father Fred inspired me to run when I was just 6! I have completed 45 marathons, including 15 Boston marathons.

How will you train for this event differently from your regular marathon training?

Becca_Pizzi_World_Marathon_Challenge_Ultima I have been training since January for this race. I do believe it is an event I have prepared my entire life for. I am taking a different approach and I am learning to run on exhausted legs, rather than resting my legs when they are tired. I run a lot of night runs, followed by 5am early runs. I try to run in the cold, and then the hot so my body can adapt to the weather and running at different times of the day. I am mostly focusing on Antartica, I will go to Canada this fall/Winter and get some training runs in, to be fully prepared for the negative temperatures. I went to college in North Carolina where temperatures hit 100 degrees, I am confident in running in the heat.

What does your typical week’s training look like?

Monday is a recovery run, about 8 miles. Tuesday is my track workout days, usually 4 miles of speed, (mile repeats or a ladder workout on the track or treadmill), with a 2-mile warmup and cooldown. Wednesday is a 8 mile am run, followed by stadium runs at Harvard University at 6pm, with a warm-up and cool-down. Thursday is a tempo run 7-10 miles. I am off on Friday, with back to back long runs every Saturday and Sunday, ranging from 12-21 miles each day. I go to the gym two days a week, to lift and bike, after a run.

You’re also doing the 50 States Marathon Challenge. Which states are you going to try and conquer next?

Yes! I have a goal of completing a marathon in every US state and I have completed 25 states. Vermont Mad Marathon is next! Becca Pizzi_World_Marathon_Challenge_Ultima

How do you stay motivated to keep pushing yourself?

I run to inspire! It's been an incredible journey, traveling around the world to run and I love to share my journey! I have never had a running injury and I truly believe it's because I listen to my body, when I feel great I push it, when something does not feel right, I back off and regroup. I am one very lucky mom to my 7-year-old daughter, Taylor. I always think about Taylor when I run and train. I want to be the best role model that I can be for her. Taylor motivates me to be the best mom and runner that I can be. She told me that I can run this World Marathon Challenge, so it must be true! She has more confidence in me than anyone I know. Being away from Taylor for this event will actually be the hardest part and most trying. Knowing she will be there to pick me up at Logan Airport is all the motivation I need!! :) The products and positive support from Ultima Replenisher has been humbling, and it is what will get me to the starting line in Antartica. I am honored to represent Ultima Replenisher!

Anything is Possible

In Becca's own words "Anything is Possible" and she will prove that in January. This Boston Strong gal's gonna RUN THE WORLD! Follow Becca's progress on our social media.