In 2012, women’s vert and bowl events were removed from nearly every significant skateboarding competition and it became evident that it was time to advance women’s skateboarding in a new way. Inspired to make a change, pro skateboarder Amelia Brodka created UNDEREXPOSED: A Women’s Skateboarding Documentary . The film’s release motivated philanthropists Armando De La Libertad, Lesli Cohen and a team of volunteers to take action. This group came together to support Amelia Brodka in creating an all-female skateboarding event. The inaugural EXPOSURE 2012 laid the groundwork for the biggest all-female skateboarding event in the world by featuring the first ever McTwist performed by a female in competition. In 2013, Lesli Cohen, social entrepreneur and action sports enthusiast, worked with Amelia Brodka to reposition EXPOSURE 2013 to be the world’s destination for women’s skateboarding. A groundswell of momentum from 2012 situated EXPOSURE 2013 to be able to attract world-class riders and significant media coverage. Since its inception, EXPOSURE has sought to expand its message of female empowerment by raising money for survivors of domestic violence. Each year, the events raise awareness throughout the community and EXPOSURE Skate donates a portion of their proceeds to local domestic violence shelters. Amelia Brodka_exposure_skateThe desire to spread EXPOSURE’s message of empowerment moved Lesli Cohen and Amelia Brodka to co-found EXPOSURE Skate, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Under its nonprofit moniker, EXPOSURE Skate began to spread its inspiring message through the education system by bringing exciting skate demos and talks to schools throughout the world. The same year, the nonprofit created the largest women’s skateboarding event. The event included a $20,000 prize purse and competitors from all over the world. Today, Lesli and Amelia work with a group of dedicated volunteers to constantly create empowerment opportunities for women and girls everywhere. This year, EXPOSURE Skate is gearing up to throw their biggest event yet. They are adding Amateur and Pro Street to the lineup of Bowl and Vert. Tony Hawk's demo ramp will be brought in for the vert portion. The event will take place in San Diego on Nov. 7th and is free and open to the public. Ultima Replenisher is proud to sponsor Amelia as one of our key Ambassadors. To donate click here!