Hit the Slopes with an Ultima Travel Pack

As the Alpine World Ski Championships come near (February 2 in Beaver Creek/Vail, Colorado) we thought it would be good to remind all you skiers and snowboarders out there about the importance of hydrating during your day out on the hill. Beaver Creek (and much of the West coast) is 11,000 feet plus at the summit, which makes altitude (and the dry air it brings), sun, cold and wind all factors to keep in mind. Picture this, you’ve been out on the hill for half a day and as you ride the chairlift up to the chalet you realize how thirsty you actually are. News flash - if you feel thirsty, you’re dehydrated! Many people show up to the hill after a big cup of coffee in the morning or after being up late at a party the night before. What were you drinking there? Water? Probably not. These factors can certainly affect your performance on the slopes. When feeling dehydrated, many people will whip into the chalet and grab something from the vendor; chances are it’s a soda or some other sugary fruit beverage (and yes, even something like a Gatorade/PowerAde option is FULL of sugar and other artificial ingredients). Here you are spending 5-6 bucks (or more) on top of the mountain and you’re still not getting the hydration you need. Or maybe it’s just a sip of water from the fountain, but that really can’t count as ‘staying hydrated’. We all know that one sip for a full day on the hill just won’t cut it. Did you know that cold temperatures and higher altitudes actually inhibit the desire to drink? Not too mention that many skiers don’t want to drink a lot because they’d rather not have to stop for a bathroom break and have to take off all their gear. But dehydration can also cut blood flow to your muscles and make you fatigued, which means you’ll be less productive, perform poorly and feel lousy while whipping down the slopes. Greg_Weiss_Ambassador_Ultima-2-300x300So even though there is water everywhere on the mountain in slush, snow and frozen ice form, looking at it won’t fix your hydration problems! Drink up athletes, you deserve the best ski day you can have! Throw two Ultima Replenisher packets in your pocket and grab a bottle of water at lunch. Shake it up and drink! Now you’ve replenished those electrolytes without adding sugar or anything artificial (lucky you). Not only does this provide you the fluids you need, but it’s also giving you the energy to take you through the rest of your afternoon. You’ll be whipping down the hill in no time and your friends will be asking what your secret is. Trust us, if you share the Ultima love with them, they’ll thank you in no time. How do you stay hydrated on the hill? Leave a comment below and let us know! We may even send you a few Ultima packets for your next day at the slopes. (PS - Good luck to Bode Miller, Lindsey Vonn and all the other Team USA skiers going for Gold!)