Spring Training Part 2: Fix the broken links to optimize your performance

Focus on the purpose of your training and fix the broken links to optimize your performance this season By Brian Klepacki Optimax Performance Training With only a few weeks left of spring before summer rolls in and takes over, it’s never too late to finalize your plans for the rest of the year. Racing season has already begun for most of you and there’s a 50-50 chance your first race was either good or bad. If it was good, then you were prepared. If it was bad, well, then obviously something went wrong. Whichever side of the line you finished on, most athletes use this first race of the season as their B race in hopes of just getting their feet wet and getting back into the groove of racing. B races are used as a benchmark to set the standards for training for future races (A races). Once these standards are established, we can then go back and formulate a new plan or make some minor adjustments to our current plan. In part one of this series, I discussed the importance of setting a personalized plan, as well as injury prevention, the functional needs of an athlete and the importance this has on the upcoming season. Without a proper plan, there is a very strong possibility that something will go wrong. Just ask anyone who has had an injury. Something went wrong. We were all designed to be able to perform very general and specific movement functions. Though our proficiency in performing these movements may vary, our innate capability is all the same and our training either optimizes or hinders these movements that can result in success or failure in reaching our maximum performance. Click here for full article.