Gracious Living with Grace van Berkum just released this recipe with a great new twist on Ultima. By sneaking raspberry Ultima into this Chia based jam, you can get a few extra electrolytes while you snack!

Gracious Living SugarFree, Electrolyte Jam


4 tbsp chia seeds 2 cups water 1 serving or packet of raspberry Ultima Replenisher About a cup of berries of your choice


Soak for 15-60 min. Keep stirring to avoid clumps. The mixture should end up looking like a gel. (**See my Gracious Living Chia Gel video HERE.) Mash up berries of choice or lightly process through food processor so still a little chunky. Add to Jam mixture. Mix well. Refrigerate in fridge in a mason jar or other glass jar. I used raspberries for this photo. Use on gluten-free crackers, bread, pancakes, healthy desserts, or even in smoothies.