The Sugary Drink 411 & How to Avoid

Americans today consume 200 to 300 more calories daily than 30 years ago. Nearly half of these extra calories come from sugary drinks and can lead to obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases. With every additional sugary beverage a child drinks daily, their chance of becoming obese increases by 60%. That's why it's so important to give your kids alternative options, even at an early age. Think about switching their juice for Ultima Replenisher instead! We even have a kids formula in delicious raspberry flavour. We came across this article online from The New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene that offers tips on how to avoid those sugary drinks. Plus they also have a new public education campaign on the topic. View the article here. Here is a great infographic from Everyday Health on some true hard facts about sugary sodas. 7d47c77a90dd148cf25c98a88250f922