The Three Top Reasons We Love Hot Yoga!

Do you ever feel like you’re having one of those busy days where you need to take a minute just to relax and take a few deep breaths? Let’s face it, life can be stressful and unpredictable, and the best thing we can do about it is to have a healthy avenue in life to handle it. That’s where hot yoga fits in! We love it, and if you’ve ever tried it before, you probably fell in love with it too! Here are three big reasons why we think hot yoga is pretty amazing:
  1. Increased flexibility - practicing yoga in a heated room allows your blood vessels to become more flexible (not to mention burns some major calories). In turn, this makes circulation easier and joints looser. Flexibility will also help other active areas of your life such as going for that long run or your swing motion while playing tennis.
  2. Strengthens your heart & lungs – yoga helps remind us how important deep breathing is for our most important internal organs. When you take deep breaths it increases the ability of oxygen to enter the body and cleanse the system. Lungs become more flexible and capable of holding more oxygen, which in turn will transport oxygen to the blood and remove any toxins from our body. More blood flowing to the heart will also enhance our overall wellness.
  3. Hands-Making-Heart-1Improves mood - yoga is a stress killer. You’ll leave the class feeling an inner peace and confidence that you didn’t have when you stepped into class. It’s amazing how an hour of deep breathing and stretching can change your entire outlook on a situation. You’ll leave the worries behind and walk out of class with a smile on your face.
Overall, hot yoga is a great way to stay active, release stress and be with like-minded people. If you haven’t signed up for a class (and at many studios the first class is free), we encourage you to do so! It’ll be amazing for your mind, body and soul. But don’t forget to bring your Ultima filled water bottle. Hydration in hot yoga is an absolute must before, during and after your practice.