How to Turn Your New SodaStream into a Healthy, No Sugar, Great Tasting SodaStream

Is SodaStream Healthy?

So you just got one of those fun gizmos that turns plain old boring drinks into fizzy, carbonated crowd-pleasers. SodaStream's is convincing millions to "Set the Bubbles Free" and make your own soda at home. Now that you've got one, are you going to make syrupy-sweat, high-sugar drinks with it? Why? You can buy calorie-laden sodas anywhere, anytime.

Why not use that machine to make a great tasting healthy drink with no sugar, no artificial dyes and 6 balanced electrolytes? The secret, start with Ultima Replenisher and make yourself the best tasting Orange, Raspberry, Grape, Lemonade, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry or Cherry Pomegranate soda your fizz buds have ever experienced.

Ultima is the ultimate hydration and refreshment drink. It's naturally sweetened with organic stevia leaf, plant-based colors and real fruit flavor extracts. It's also NONGMO, gluten-free and, being a mixable powder, totally eco-friendly. So here's your new SodaStream recipe:

  1. Mix one scoop or one packet of Ultima Replenisher with 2 oz. of tap or regular still water and mix.
  2. Crank up your SodaStream and top the Ultima with 6-10 ounces of bubbly water.
  3. Add ice and garnish to taste.