Warm Up With Ultima on These Chilly Winter Nights

On a cold winter night grabbing a water bottle with your electrolytes might not seem as appealing as a warm beverage would - especially if you are coming in from an outdoor activity in the cold. You’re chilled to the bone and the last thing you want is something cold in your hands. But, you do know the importance of staying hydrated in the winter (especially if you read our last blog post so you decide to reach for a cup of tea to stay warm instead (even though you do want both). Well guess what? You’re in luck! You can drink Ultima Replenisher hot too! I wanted to be 100% sure this was the case, so I put it to the test, all five flavors, making it truly an “Ultima Approved” hot beverage choice. Flavor #1 Lemonade - The Lemonade flavor was the first one I tried. It was a cross between a Neocitran flavor (aka cold & flu throat relief beverage) and lemon grass tea. It tasted sweet (from the stevia I’m sure) so no need to add any sweetener to your cup. It wasn’t bad (a little sweeter taste than I was expecting), but it definitely gave me a good ‘pick me up’. Flavor #2 Grape - Okay, this one was REALLY good. The taste reminded me of when I was a kid when you have to drink the rest of your warm Freezie liquid because it’s so hot out it melted in the first three minutes you held on to it. Grape was always my favorite flavor. The Ultima grape was really tasty and I would certainly choose this one warm again. ultima3Flavor #3 Orange - Orange probably had the strongest scent as I was pouring it into my mug, but it definitely smelled like freshly squeezed oranges. The taste was no different. Besides the fact of it being hot, it really did taste like orange juice - yum! Flavor #4 Raspberry - I love the smell of the raspberry flavor in the container so I can’t help but take a minute and absorb a big deep inhale as I open the jar. This flavor was actually the least powerful taste out of all of them. I liked it though, it was subtle and I could see this one being the perfect before bed beverage. Flavor #5 Cherry - Not going to lie, I saved this one for last because I was the most excited about this one warm. Like taking a bite into a hot cherry pie sort of excitement. The beverage did not disappoint. It was certainly the darkest in color when pouring it into my mug, however; it didn’t come across as TOO strong. It was probably the 2nd strongest next to the lemonade flavor. So my verdict is this - my two favorites were raspberry and grape. But I’m convinced that any of the Ultima flavors you choose will be a total win/win/win for hydration, electrolytes and to give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Enjoy! Try them all. Let us know what you think!