One Hack To Level-Up Your Exercise Performance By @bodyblissbyjess

One Hack To Level-Up Your Exercise Performance By @bodyblissbyjess

This one hack can level-up your exercise performance, improve energy and prevent a gnarly hangover. 🙌 I've been adding Ultima Replenisher (@goultima) electrolytes to my water for years now and if you're a friend or client then you know how obsessed I am!

I used to think electrolytes were meant for hardcore athletes but now I realize that is SO not true. 🏋️‍♀️ Here are some reasons to add them into your routine 👇

1. HYDRATE! 💦 Most people are chronically dehydrated. If you frequently lick your lips or your throat is constantly dry, these are signs you need more water. Other signs: low energy, lethargy, dry, dull skin, blurry vision, feeling dizzy or just not peeing very often (NOT an issue for me! 🤣)

2. REPLENISH. 😓 Key minerals are lost when you sweat so it's important to re-up them and straight water won't cut it (Ultima Replenisher is a perf balance of 6 electrolytes + trace minerals). I always throw a scoop of the raspberry into an ice cold water before & after movement (strength training, brisk walks or circuit training) and keep the travel packets on me when I'm exercising outside or out on a warm day! 🏃‍♀️

3. PREVENT A 2 DAY HANGOVER! 🥂 Alcohol dehydrates which is one of the main reasons you experience a hangover. 😫 Whenever my BF and I have a boozy date night or go wine tasting, we make sure to carry the travel sticks with us & have a packet right before a drink, in the middle of the evening and before bed. 🛌 They taste amazing & instantly give us a perk of energy so it's easy to remember. PLUS they're sugar-free and when you're not running marathons, you don't need the 10-11 grams of sugar that comes in a lot of electrolyte powders out there.

About Jess Suchan: Holistic Wellness Coach from California, Jess Suchan a.k.a. @bodyblissbyjess practices in Los Angeles. She is a true fan of Ultima and uses it daily along with suggesting it to her clients because it is a great zero calorie, zero sugar drink and is filled with benefits. She focuses on healthy eating and healthy swaps, including replacing any sugary drinks or sodas with Ultima instead.

Want to try some delicious drinks? What about the Cherry Pom Tiki (which is zero sugar AND low carb) or a healthy, hydrating soda alternative using grape, orange and lemon Ultima Replenisher flavors (um, yum!).

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