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Blue Raspberry Ultima Mocktail

Blue Raspberry Ultima Mocktail

We may all be quarantined, but there are ways to bring a little bit of happiness into our lives. Treat yourself and a loved one to this delicious mocktail/cocktail and celebrate your time together at home. Try this easy to make, zero-sugar recipe.

Mix 1 scoop or stickpack of Blue Raspberry Ultima with 8oz of water (shake well to mix)
Add 16oz of your favorite sparkling water (we used a lime-flavored natural sparking water)
Add a handful of fresh raspberries and blueberries
Stir gently to mix (you'll get a volcano of fizz if you shake it so a gentle stir is all you need.)
Serve over ice and enjoy!
Optional: feel free to add vodka to this mix to make this a cocktail.

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