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Dive Into These Ultima Blue Lagoon Margaritas!

Dive Into These Ultima Blue Lagoon Margaritas!

Summertime Blue Lagoon Margaritas

Refreshing and more blue than the bluest waters; the vibrant blue color comes naturally from nutrient rich blue spirulina. This cocktail is a drink you'll want to dive into!🍹

- 1 Ultima Blue Raspberry scoop or stickpack ⁠
- 4 lime slices ⁠
- 3 tbsp coarse salt ⁠
- 1/2 cup chilled lemon-lime soda ⁠🍋
- 1/2 cup tequila blanco ⁠
- 1/2 cup blue curaçao ⁠
- 1/3 cup partially thawed frozen sugar-free limeade concentrate⁠
- 2 cups ice cubes⁠

Using lime slices, moisten the rims of 4 margarita or cocktail glasses and then set limes aside for garnish. Sprinkle salt on a plate; hold each glass upside down to dip rim into salt and set glasses aside. ⁠Combine remaining ingredients into blender and process until fully blended. Pour, garnish and serve!⁠