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Fresh Peach Bellini Mocktail

Fresh Peach Bellini Mocktail

Serve up this refreshing festive mocktail at your next holiday gathering and just listen for all the “YUUUM!” responses in the room. This Fresh Peach Bellini is a natural and healthy mocktail with the perfect blend of clementine juice, fresh raspberries, peach slices and a thyme leaf garnish. 

Best of all, it’s low in sugar, has six electrolytes, vitamin c and antioxidants - it’s like indulging in a sweet treat without any of the guilt.



2 Ultima Replenisher Peach Bellini stickpacks

2 tablespoons clementine juice

¼ cup fresh raspberries

¼ cup peach slices

6 cups soda water

1 cup lemon soda

Garnishes: fresh raspberries, fresh peach slices, thyme leaves, ice


Directions: Add all ingredients into glass, stir well, and serve with garnishes.


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