Sugar-Free Mermaid Drink Recipe

Sugar-Free Mermaid Drink Recipe

The Viral Mermaid Drink With A Hydrating Twist

Have you tried the viral Mermaid Mocktail Drink yet? Honestly, it tastes just as good as it looks and it is completely worth the hype. But if you want a healthier twist on it (sans sugar) we’ve got your back. This beautiful and enticing drink is super simple to make using Ultima’s sugar-free Appletini & Blue Raspberry Electrolyte drink mixes. The best part? This magical beverage is just as hydrating as it is yummy. So as we quietly sit back and dream of being on the beach or off on some tropical island, why not have a fruity, hydrating, and refreshing drink in hand during these colder months? We can’t wait for you to try this amazing and tasty mocktail drink recipe.

Mermaid Drink Recipe

Created by: Rachel Steenland


16 fl oz water

1 stickpack of Ultima Appletini Flavor Electrolytes

1 stickpack Ultima Blue Raspberry Flavor Electrolytes

Blue ice cubes

Blue ice cubes:

7 butterfly pea flowers

12 fl oz water


  1. Make blue ice cubes by steeping butterfly pea flowers in 12 fl oz water. Once the water has turned blue, remove flowers and pour liquid into ice cube trays, then place into the freezer.
  2. Fill two small pitchers with water and add appletini and blue raspberry. Mix well to combine and remove any clumps.
  3. Half fill a large glass with Appletini Ultima Replenisher Drink Mix. Add blue ice cubes, then top off with Blue Raspberry Ultima Replenisher Drink Mix. Garnish with lime slices. Enjoy!

Every now and then a drink so delicious comes along and you understand why it became a viral trend. That is 100% the case with the mermaid drink, and the fact that we came up with a healthier twist makes it that much better! If you end up making this unique and hydrating drink, be sure to tag us (@GoUltima) and Rachel Steenland to show us how you made it yours!