Summer Ultima Watermelon Mojito

Summer Ultima Watermelon Mojito


We've seen some great recipes using Ultima Replenisher but this is really so delicious because it uses fresh watermelon, strawberries and limes! Using fresh ingredients can help boost your recipes with healthy vitamins and minerals in addition to the six electrolytes you get with Ultima Replenisher. Watermelon is actually one of the best fruits to include in your beverages because it has vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and magnesium. Make sure to give your body what it needs with this delicious Summer Watermelon Mojito!

Sipping summer. Always better with friends. 👯‍♀️⁠

- 1 scoop ultima watermelon⁠ electrolyte powder
- 1 cup white rum⁠
- 6 cups cubed watermelon⁠ 🍉
- 3/4 cup fresh lime juice⁠
- Handful of fresh mint leaves⁠
- Sparkling water or club soda⁠
- Strawberries and limes (for garnish)⁠ 🍓

Blend watermelon in a blender until pureed (optional to strain to remove pulp). Measure out 2 cups of the strained watermelon juice. Place fresh mint in the bottom of a large pitcher. Add a little bit of watermelon juice and muddle to release the mint flavors. Add remaining watermelon juice, fresh lime juice, Ultima watermelon powder, and rum. Fill the entire pitcher with ice. Top with sparkling water or club soda. Adjust sweetness with more Ultima Replenisher Watermelon electrolyte powder mix. Garnish with mint, lime slices, and strawberries.⁠

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