Iced Passionfruit Matcha Drink Recipe

Iced Passionfruit Matcha Drink Recipe

Try this exotic, delicious matcha and passionfruit recipe that has all the benefits of hydrating electrolytes and antioxidants, without any of the heavy sugars often found in iced tea. Simply mix Jade Leaf Matcha powder, our favorite farm-direct organic matcha green tea powder, and Ultima Replenisher's new Passionfruit flavor electrolyte powder together and add water, fresh fruit and pour over ice. This recipe makes it super easy to stay deliciously hydrated. Check out the step-by-step directions below & enjoy!


1-2 tsp Organic Ceremonial Matcha - Jade Leaf Barista Edition
2 oz water + 16 oz water
1 Ultima Replenisher Passionfruit flavor stickpack or scoop
1 fresh passionfruit


1. Prepare Matcha
Sift matcha for smooth consistency. Add 2 oz water and whisk

2. Prepare Ultima
Mix 1 stickpack or 1 scoop of Ultima Replenisher Passionfruit Electrolyte powder with 16 fl oz of water and shake well

3. Cut passionfruit in half and scoop out and puree

4. To a glass add:

  • Half passionfruit puree
  • Ice cubes
  • Ultima Passionfruit Electrolyte water
  • Pour matcha mixture over the top


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