Raspberry Cloud Mocktail Recipe by Carmen Ohling

Raspberry Cloud Mocktail Recipe by Carmen Ohling

Looking for a great mocktail recipe? Well look no further because @CarmenOhling's Raspberry Cloud Mocktail recipe is the perfect way to enjoy a mocktail for two. Carmen Ohling is a speaker, life coach, holistic nutritionist and mentor who focuses on healthy eating. This Raspberry Cloud Mocktail uses only three ingredients to make sure you stay healthy while also having fun!

Raspberry Cloud Mocktail Recipe
(makes 2 Mocktails)

3oz unsweetened cashew milk
1 scoop raspberry Ultima sugar free electrolyte powder
10-12oz soda water

Chill 2 glasses and then fill with ice. Pour the milk and Ultima into a shaker and shake well. Pour the milk/Ultima mixture evenly between the 2 glasses and top off with soda water. Drink and enjoy!

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About Carmen Ohling: Carmen is a mentor to high achieving women and life coach. She has focused on career on holistic nutrition and loves using Ultima Replenisher in her daily life! Known for her fun and bubbly personality and inspiration! Check her out on Instagram @carmenohling.

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