Start Your Day Hydrated With Ultima! ☀️

Start Your Day Hydrated With Ultima! ☀️

Cock-a-doodle-doo! Do you wake up in the morning to the warm sun shining through your window to say good morning and the sweet sounds of the roosters cooing rise and shine? Yeah, we don't either... Mornings these days usually start with a blaring alarm, throwing on a pair of jeans and saying "shoot I'm late!". Although mornings can be rough sometimes, here are some tricks of the trade to help make your morning amazing, every day!

If you kickstart your day by reaching for the coffee pot... try hydrating instead: While we sleep our bodies loose vital hydration. Without it, the next day can often be punctuated with headaches, fatigue, loss of attention and irritability. Don't get us wrong, coffee is a great morning routine, however it is important to rehydrate our bodies first thing in the morning before grabbing a cup of joe.

If you start your day with a workout: Physical movement is very important for health and overall wellbeing. Working out can circulate oxygen throughout the body, boost endurance, improve muscles and gives you the energy you need for that busy day. If you wake up and work out, make sure to replace all those electrolytes you just sweat out.

If you start your day by eating breakfast: Yummy. Breakfast is one of our favorite meals (to be honest, every meal is our favorite.) If breakfast is part of your morning routine try these delicious recipes using Ultima and low carb/sugar free options to swap out a sugary or carb-filled cereal. We like the Grape Ultima Chia Pudding or Rainbow Chaffles (which are gluten-free, vegan, low carb AND keto-friendly!)

If you start your day going straight from your bed to your desk: Sometimes we wake up and just start working. (No time for that luxurious morning routine of slowly entering the day in a cozy robe and slippers.) When this happens we often forget to hydrate which can lead to major zoom fatigue. Make sure to keep a water bottle by your bedside so you can grab it first thing upon waking and hydrate that thirsty body of yours. And be a good friend to yourself. Put another one at your desk the night before so it's there when you settle into that zoom chair.

Want to try some delicious drinks? What about the Cherry Pom Tiki (which is zero sugar AND low carb) or a healthy, hydrating soda alternative using grape, orange and lemon Ultima Replenisher flavors (um, yum!).